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The Academy and the Faculty provide the National Curriculum of England within the context of the unique international community of Bali. All our programmes are free from ideology, politics, and divisive critical theories.


Suitable for ages 4 - 19 yrs of age which result in the option to take IGCSE (the British equivalent to the high school certificate) and A'Level qualifications (the British equivalent to a University foundation course) recognised globally. Including, the top mainstream universities of Indonesia and South East Asia.

We also offer access to vocational education qualifications for those who are not planning to attend university after school. Please check for the most up-to-date situations with regards to specific class space and programme availability.


Early Years

Guide age 4-5

2 years

Reception & Kindergarten



Guide age 6-7

2 years

Grade 1 - 2



Guide age 8-9

2 years

Grade 3 - 4



Guide age 10-12

3 years

Grade 5 - 7



Guide age 13-15

3 years

Grade 8 - 10



Guide age 16 - 17

2 years

Grade 11 - 12 
Exam Certificate: IGCSE


We provide a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) including Art, Cooking, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Dance and Bahasa Indonesian. All programmes provide learners with a clear path to learning development and achievement of life goals. Active and conscious of the need to remove barriers to learning such as ambiguity, mystery and confusion about the learning content, concepts and contexts.

Young people seek responsibility and meaning. Isn't that what we all want? We work with each individual student to develop a vision for the future and provide a strong philosophical foundation that offers a powerful context for learning and achievement - whilst aiming towards a higher purpose in life.

This is legacy creation and a life-long learning journey - in action. We utilise traditional and contemporary methodologies, with the latest cutting edge technologies,  fused together by recognition and exploration of the wise-warrior archetype, that is pervasive in all societies, including Bali - with its Hindu inspired spiritual warrior culture.

By appointment

Skywalker Academy, Desa Buwit,
Kediri, Tabanan, 82112


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Over the Phone

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Tel: +62 877 616 30341

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