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        We opened in 2017, with just six students. Having developed rapidly through word-of-mouth and personal referrals, we have built our community into a shining light.


We instil a passion for education in our members and apply an array of highly effective traditional and contemporary data-driven methodologies, layered upon the principles of positive, constructive, and sustainable human relationships. 

Our professional team of educators receive intense training and are themselves the beneficiaries of a personal and community growth mindset, embedded with authentic learning philosophies, and data-driven excellence; using the English national curriculum. 


Our purpose-built, fully integrated, holistic, blended-learning programmes are custom-designed and tailored to the individual. All this is to help our learners reach the best versions of themselves. 

junior students playing homemade boardgame


To build a legacy of international families and lifelong learners, with a uniquely Balinese connection. By nurturing wise warriors and giving students wings, we aim to prepare generations to embrace the opportunities of a life well-lived with competence and grace.


To be at the leading edge of Bali's education sector, creating a lifelong learning legacy for families. Our goal is to make Bali a world leader in innovation, education, science, technology, philosophy, and wisdom.


  1. Our students achieve one and a half grades of learning, on average every 12-months cycle; in Maths and English using premium international standard education for a price that all of us can afford.

  2. Approx 90% of students who are behind a grade (or more), or struggling to stay on grade, can usually repair academic trouble spots, restore confidence, and get back on track within 12-18 months.

  3. We have the evidence to prove that we enjoy one of the best academic development rates in the whole of Bali, with our IXL diagnostic and analytical data. And that’s really something! 

  4. The name of the school comes from the 1856 collection of Native American folklore, The Myth of Hiawatha, which records an Ottawa story called “Onaiazo, the Sky-Walker.” Originally published: Philadelphia : Lippincott, 1856 and written by Henry Rowe (1793-1864). 

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Imroatun Nafiah

Absolutely outstanding. One of the very best school out there. The teachers, atmosphere and the school as a whole you just can’t beat!

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