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Est. 2017

skywalker academy student stefan on adventure walk

          IMAGINE, a small world-class academy, set within the beautiful natural surroundings and idyllic rice fields of a traditional rural village, just 30 minutes drive from the world-famous family resort of Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali. A successful, growing and evolving centre of learning, created by teachers and parents for like-minded families. Delivering the National Curriculum of England, as the U.K. Department for Education prescribes.


More than a school; it is a lifelong learning community and skills eco-system; built upon authentic learning philosophies, human relationships and international family values. All members are carefully selected for their potential to symbiotically benefit the learning community. It has incredible international-standard academic learning achievement rates (as verified by independent IXL data); averaging 1.5-grade development every 12 months.

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